There are certain articles of information on the internet, that confuses us with certain other companies and also contain false, defamatory information about our company.  In a court action settlement between 3 parties, this letter was released.  It replaces a blog on this site and can be found below.

Retraction and apology to Alex Penly and his business associates and family , made pursuant to stipulation and agreement.

This website made certain posts regarding Alex Penly, Eagle Jet Aviation and other entities involved in the aviation business.  These articles contained editorial content that was improper, and linked to publicly available documents that were portrayed in a misleading manner.  This blog is retracting those entries, and they have now been deleted from the archives. I will not be posting anything further about Alex Penly, his family The Berkeley Group, Eagle Jet Aviation and other entities or persons previously mentioned.

In the context of a dispute between former business partners, this blog reported and offered commentary on pleadings in selected litigation matters and other documents.  These documents were aimed at Alex Penly and other entities.  The blog also contained allegations of improprieties.   Many of these documents and allegations were copied by a prior website.  This blog acknowledges that the claims were improperly grounded.

I would like to apologize to Mr. Penly and his family for any distress caused by the posts.



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